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Pellaq® by Skivertex®

High gloss, simulated leather in a range of high-end reptile patterns.
Latex-saturated decorative covering material. 

Gane has 14 stock offerings with as little as a 5-yard minimum.
Sixteen colors with 5 different embossings available with 250-yard minimums. 
Contact us today for samples or more information.

Colors and Textures


PLQ9188 Black Croco Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9188 Black  Croco

PLQ9176 Dark Red Croco Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9176 Dark Red Croco

PLQ9138 Black Glean Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9138 Black Glean

PLQ9120 Brown Glean Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9120  Brown Glean

PLQ9126 Dark Red Glean Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9126 Dark Red Glean

PLQ9141 Orange Glean
PLQ9141 Orange Glean

PLQ9124 Red Glean Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9124 Red  Glean


PLQ9135 Yellow Glean Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9135 Yellow Glean

PLQ9163 Black Lizard Pellaq Fibermark Stock
Black Lizard

PLQ9147 Brown Lizard Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLA9147 Brown Lizard

PLQ9151 Dark Red Lizard Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9151 Dark Red

PLQ9167 Grey Lizard Pellaq Fibermark Stock
PLQ9167 Grey Lizard

PLQ9166 Orange Lizard Pellaq Fibermark







Swatch colors may vary depending on your monitor and printer.  For actual color, order a sample.

Gane stock items available for immediate shipment

                                            Stock Offerings

PLQ9188 Black Croco   PLQ9163 Black Lizard
PLQ9176 Dark Red Croco   PLQ9147 Brown Lizard
PLQ9138 Black Glean   PLQ9151 Dark Red Lizard
PLQ9120 Brown Glean   PLQ9167 Grey Lizard
PLQ9126 Dark Red Glean   PLQ9166 Orange Lizard
PLQ9141 Orange Glean   PLQ9401 Royal Oyster
PLQ9124 Red Glean        
PLQ9135 Yellow Glean        


  • Foil stamping
  • Blind stamping


  • Approximately 9.6 mils
  • Standard put up 100 yards x 54”
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Colorfast and moisture resistant.
  • Offered in enticing visuals, reminiscent of leather in bold or subtle reptile patterns: Lizard, Croco, Mallory, and Glean
  • Offers a scratch resistant, high-gloss surface


  • Invites touch--A high touch material with tactile appeal
  • High impact, low cost leather alternative
  • A Unique cover material that offers a rich visual of a high-fashion leather


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Changes in stock colors, finishes and product information are necessary from time to time due to the demands of our mutual market place and changing industry. Therefore, it is always best to check inventory availability on stock items as well as other product description and information. Also, due to variations in pigments, shades may vary from lot to lot.   ©Gane Brothers & Lane (Ncala, LLC)
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