Black Two-Side Chipboard

Black Two-Side chipboard, Board for bookbinding, Luxury packaging board
Pressed fiber thick paper, made from recycled paper and dyed black on two surfaces. A rigid board product, perfect for a wide range of applications, including board for bookbinding, photo mounting, photo books, decorative packaging , P.O.P. displays, and puzzles. Somewhat less expensive than solid black chipboard.
  • Standard sizes: 26" x 38"

  • Thickness.080 and .0100"

  • Put Up
    o .080 26" x 38"; 500 sheets per pallet
    o .100 26" x 38"; 500 sheets per pallet

  • Black two-side

  • More economical than solid black chipboard

  • Made from recycled paper and cardboard

  • Compostable and recyclable

  • Manufactured in USA

  • Foil Stamping
  • Screen printing